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Advisory Board Member April- 2013

Airlift Flyers Aviation Corp. (ALFA) would like to cordially invite you to our next Advisory Board Meeting.

We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity where your input can influence the programs and activities conducted by the organization. ALFA partners with the humanitarian, private and public sectors to ensure our course and track are consistent with our member’s capabilities and the needs of humanitarian groups we serve. We strive for balance of innovative services and competency-based skills that result in efficiency and effectiveness within our resources.

Our Advisory Boards are essential to the success of our flying mission. Members from all segments of the aviation industry and flying communities meet once a year to review our flight curriculum, raise recruitment opportunities and performance evaluations.

Advisory Board Member’s Responsibility and Qualifications

Advisory Board members are expected to provide direction and feedback on the flight curriculum for the Caribbean and Central America and select subjects of interest [see list below for program categories].  The most important responsibility is to share knowledge and offer input and insights to guide ALFA improve and optimize the quality of services to beneficiaries, donors and sponsors. Participants are expected to demonstrate proficiency in and knowledge of their chosen subjects.

  • Business Administration
  • Ground Support Management
  • Electronics and Avionics Technology
  • Flight Planning and Navigation
  • CBP an eAFIS
  • Mission Prioritization and Limitations
  • Web Integration and Communication
  • Marketing, Advertising, Shows and Expos Participation
  • Networking Progress and  Needs Assessment
  • Operations Management and Cost Analysis
  • Planning, Deployment Estimates and Resource Evaluations,

For detailed information about schedule dates please call or visit:

Please confirm your participation by no later than one week priot to the posted meeting date and identify the program you would like to represent:

A meeting agenda, map, driving directions to our next meeting and additional information will follow shortly. If you have questions, please contact call 305-470-1500 or email