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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

There’s a lot more to Airlift Flyers Aviation than merely arranging flights. We are actively involved in areas of interest open to Partnership participation:

  • Developing global strategies for humanitarian aviation
  • Improving safety and ground security priorities and procedures
  • Forging partnerships among the humanitarian, public and private sectors
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary learning among our stakeholders and partners
  • Promoting  initiatives to capitalize on synergies that can improve humanitarian aviation performance

By partnering with ALFA, your company can have an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of humanitarian care givers and the thousands of people they serve while also nurturing a reputation for social consciousness.  ALFA represents reliable and successful philanthropy, and we have a proven track record of building mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations that share our dedication to saving lives worldwide.

Opportunities for corporate sponsorship include strategic philanthropy, sponsorship packages, public awareness activities, workplace giving and matching gifts, cause-related marketing, employee fundraising and gifts-in-kind.

  • Strategic philanthropy
    ALFA provides free or subsidized air transportation to NGOs and charities which utilize many different types of durable and soft goods, material and equipment, parts and supplies across hundreds of different industries used at home and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Corporations that underwrite these initiatives receive an array of recognition opportunities, which can also be combined with sponsorship activities to create a unique program of support.
  • Sponsorship
    Sponsorship packages can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of interests. Sponsorships range from support for a one-time program or fundraising event in a single market to multi-year programs and marketing activities spanning several countries. Partnering with ALFA offers corporations the opportunity to be associated with the region’s premier airbridge making possible the fulfillment of a myriad of humanitarian goals and projects underway.
  • Public awareness
    Your company can help ALFA increase public awareness of its aviation activities by placing inserts in customer mailings, displaying brochures in retail or office locations, hosting an informational session or highlighting ALFA in your publications.
  • Workplace giving and matching gifts
    Workplace giving is a convenient way for employees to join our monthly donor program by making charitable contributions through automatic payroll deduction. Many corporations choose to demonstrate their commitment to philanthropy by matching charitable contributions made by employees. ORBIS works with corporations to encourage employees to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Cause-related marketing
    ALFA is recognized around the region. Your corporation can distinguish itself from competitors through a range of sales promotions and co-branded advertisements.
  • Employee fundraising: Advocates for International Cooperation
    Workplace volunteerism is an effective way to foster team-building, enhance motivation and build relationships with employees. ALFA recognizes the value of human resources, so we work with corporations to develop successful volunteer programs. We have an ongoing need for volunteers from the humanitarian international outreach community as well as the aviation communities, tapping the expertise of professionals in all areas, including marketing and communications.

No matter what your business specialty, the ALFA Advocates for Flying For Goodness Sake TM program encourages employees to use their leadership skills and creativity to raise vital funds for our airlift programs.

  • Gifts-in-kind
    Making an in-kind gift of goods or services can be a practical and resourceful way for your corporation to help advance the life-saving work of ALFA. Among the items that we need on a regular basis are jet fuel, MRO services, hangar space, parts and avionic upgrades.

 For more information on these or other corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact the ALFA Corporate Relations Department at or call 305-470-1500.