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ALFA Operations Director

  • Acts as Organization’s focal point for matters pertaining to aircraft performance, weight & balance, noise, operations planning, flight planning, on-board and dispatch systems development.
  • Work with Flight Operations, Flight Technical and Flight Training to develop departure and arrival procedures considering aircraft performance and ATC requirements both domestic and international.
  • Acts as Company focal point for matters pertaining to fuel burn monitoring, analysis and reporting. 
  • Engage in the compilation of fuel burn and related parameters. Prepare reports showing the fuel burn performance of the fleet broken out by aircraft tail number, flight number, pilot ID, origin destination and other parameters as may be required. 
  • Prepare summaries of fuel performance using power point and excel charts. 
  • Update and maintain the Sabre flight planning system fuel burn bias values and ensure their accuracy as well as all the other fuel related parameters. 
  • Run program as required to assess the fuel burn for proposed future routes. 
  • Prepare fuel burn forecasts for budgeting.
  • Make a systematic assessment of the impact of fuel conservation measures.
  • Extract and generate planned to actual fuel variance report.