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Entry Level

Considering Entry-Level Volunteer Opportunities with ALFA?  Fantastic!

 Here’s what we’ve got to offer.

 New Volunteers contribute their time and talents to ALFA and get back a lot in return:

  • Experience Performance Management and Development Standards.
  • Improve performance effectiveness, participation and contribution.
  • Share in the realization of the organization’s goals.
  • Assist managing situations through effective integration and engagement of a range of people across within ALFA and associated organizations.
  • Improve ALFA’s flight donor retention record and surpass all other records: productivity, utility, loyalty, safety, client service, user satisfaction or whatever goal there may be.
  • Embody the mission and purpose of the organization.
  • Engender an attitude of commitment towards the people we serve.

Junior Volunteers will be continuously exposed to opportunities to:

  • · Accurately clarify expectations in the exercise of operational standards.
  • · Focus his/her talents and “what you do best” in any given situation.
  • · Increase level of earned responsibility.
  • · Introduce innovation and test new ways to “make it happen”.

ALFA seeks to mature its Volunteers by communicating competencies that empower high performers to reach their full potential. Management provides Volunteers fair and accurate feedback on performance strengths that can significantly improve individual performance. Discussing weaknesses is also important — but with the focus on specific suggestions for improvement or development, which improves overall team member performance across the board. We’ve got ground support openings waiting for you to:

  • screen cargo, documentation and passengers
  • validate nonprofit status of beneficiary organizations
  • assist pilots perform weigh and balance checks
  • answer and make phone calls helping to coordinate flights
  • organize and/or help out ALFA exhibits at fly-ins, airshows and special events
  • deliver cargo and drive passengers to and from the airport
  • perform many important office and airfield duties

Volunteers are the grass roots of our mission and our hope for growth. Here’s why:

Volunteers set the tone for evolving a culture of development. ALFA invests in volunteers that return dividends in the form of super-volunteers who are more committed to the organization and willing to expend the effort necessary to do the job.

2. Enter a work environment that involves continuous coaching and performance dialogue within work teams. Vital Learning teaches Volunteers how the use of positive performance feedback can encourage self-motivation among all team players. Relationships improve, day-to-day productivity increases, and individuals and teams offer ideas that result in groundbreaking improvements.

3. Involve Volunteers in a higher purpose.

Volunteers understand the organization’s mission and vision and clearly identify personal strengths applied to roles to their achievement. This makes Volunteer’s and the team’s accomplishments more meaningful and gratifying.

4. Volunteers hold themselves and others accountable by establishing clear performance expectations with the goal for Volunteers to contribute to the organization.

ALFA Volunteers learn to track individual performance standards that are S.M.A.R.T.-based:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Results-Oriented
  • Time-Framed
  • Volunteers feel motivated and satisfied if they are delivering on their work promises to the team, the manager and all stakeholders.

5. Align the performance culture with engagement strategies, job design and reward systems to maximize motivation.

Volunteer’s performance system establishes clear links between performance and rewards based on individual and group measurements. Volunteer satisfaction and engagement are enhanced markedly.

Final Thoughts

ALFA’s Volunteers are the up-and-coming future leaders of our organization and likely to excel as  employees, more committed, engaged and satisfied — yielding greater productivity in their chosen profession.

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Rick Sante


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