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Pilot Declaration Form


(to be signed by all cockpit crew members)

As airman, PIC or SIC, on any flight arrange by ALFA I hereby affirm and pledge to abide by the following guidelines at the time of each such flight:

1. I hold a valid and current pilot certificate for the class and type aircraft (if a type rating is required) in which I will be acting as pilot.

2. I hold at least a valid and current Class III medical certificate.

3. I am in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations relating to currency for carrying passengers (including those regulations relating to annual or biennial flight reviews, landings, night flying, fuel reserves and IFR, if applicable)

4. I am in compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations relating to the use of alcohol and drugs, including reporting requirements specified in the regulations.

5. Whether flying rented or owned aircraft, I have in force liability insurance applicable to the flight. The minimum coverage is $500,000 each accident and $100,000 each seat.

6. I am flying an airplane with a valid standard airworthiness certificate (normal, utility, acrobatic, commuter or transport category).

7. If I am leasing or renting an aircraft, I have met the requirements of the owner for currency.

8. If acting as PIC, have flown at least 50 hours as PIC in the last 12 calendar months; if not, I have completed a flight review per FAR 61.56 within the last 24 months or completed one phase of the FAA Wings program within the last 12 months.

9. If I have an instrument rating and I plan to fly missions under IFR, I am current in accordance with FAR 61.57 (c) or (d).

10. If flying as PIC, have a total time as pilot of at least 250 hours, at least 75 of these hours has been logged as PIC for cross country flight; or I hold a valid Commercial certificate and at least 75 hours as pilot- in-command for cross country flight, or a valid ATP certificate.

11. If flying as PIC, I have logged at least 25 hours as PIC in the make and model of aircraft I will be flying for the ALFA mission.

I understand that it is my sole responsibility and obligation to decline serving as pilot-in-command or second-in-command on any flight arranged by Airlift Flyers Aviation Corp. unless ALL of the above declarations are true at the time of each flight. I further understand that I will complete this affirmation annually at the time of my membership renewal.

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